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All Skin Types, Sensitive Skin, High Performance, Anti-Aging

1 oz

light enough for oily skin

  • hydrates and conditions skin without irritation
  • light enough for oily skin types
  • controls production of collagen and elastin
  • also recommended for pre- and post-laser treatments

All Skin Types, Anti-Aging
become younger without surgery with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres containing Vitamin C
  • convenient roller ball applicator
  • non-invasive alternative to surgery for "men and women"
  • anti-aging formula for all types of skin with fine lines and wrinkles
  • fragrance-free
  • enjoy benefits as small-filling spheres penetrate into skin folds of varying depth and trap water in the superficial layers of skin
  • depth of wrinkles and lines are rapidly reduced
  • clinical test results show...on the forehead expression wrinkles...a significant decrease of 7.5% after one hour and decrease of 12% after six hours

All Skin Types, Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin, Dry, Dehydrated or Irritated, Sun Damaged
2 oz
  • soothes irritated, dehydrated skin due to sunburn, chemical peels, lazier treatments, harsh environmental conditions
  • excellent used after AHA/BHA Lipo Serum or Glycolic Gel Renewal
  • day and/or night creme
  • can be used over your daily AM and PM moisturizer
  • substantial increase innovation creates moisturization, reduction of fine surface lines, skin firmness
  • increase of cell turnover qualities to this skin-loving cream
  • fights free radicals

All Skin Types

8 oz

Soften and hydrate with this lavender, lemon and vanilla scented body gel. 

  • great body gel for both men and women
  • Mild foaming bubbles gently cleanse
  • Shea Butter, Red Marine Algae, Peptides, Gingko Biloba Root Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract and Dead Sea Salts revive and tone


All Skin Types, Stretch Marks, Dry, Dehydrated or Irritated, Anti-Aging

8 oz

This body lotion incorporates the finest ingredients to renew your delicate skin.

  • contains Peptides, Red Marine Algae & Japanese Green Tea
  • for dehydrated, irritated and/or cracked skin
  • scent of lavender, lemon and vanilla
  • apply all over body to maintain soft, smooth skin
  • can be applied to lips for extra hydration
  • great for softening heels and feet
  • recommended use twice daily