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Custom Color Analysis & Palette Based on Skin, Hair & Eyes

Colors for Success Custom Color AnalysisFor Men, Women, Teens, Tweens | Great for all age groups!

Includes Two Sessions

Do you know which group of colors are best for you... cool, neutral, warm... those that enhance your personal coloring, your skin, your hair and your eyes?


  • In-depth "Custom" Color Analysis
  • Color-By-Color matching
  • Deluxe Custom Color Palette --- 50+ custom colors in perfect harmony for YOU
  • Includes your best metallic tones
  • Goes beyond the generic four-season concept... totally custom
  • Simplifies cosmetics & wardrobe shopping... no more costly mistakes... 
  • and SO much more...
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If time or distance is a problem, have your colors done on Skype.
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The First Impression Study

Within five seconds of meeting someone, you make a "lasting" first impression... one that is very difficult and often impossible to change.

A Harvard study concluded that...

  • 55% of that "lasting first impression" is made up of appearance
  • another 38% is made up of how you sound
  • only 7% is made up of what you say

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Welcome to Colors for Success

Colors For Success®, established in 1989, was created to offer a "total image program" that assists individuals in dressing for success in their business and personal lives and, also, that assists individuals in decorating their homes and offices with a color concept that flows and enhances.

Our purpose is to have our clients... men, women, teens, pre-teens... feel more confident about choosing their best colors and styles in clothing and makeup, whether for their business lives and/or their casual lives. Also, our goal is to have clients save money at the same time by not adding clothing to their closets that doesn't work for them.

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