You have only five seconds to make your best first impression.

Trend Report for Fall & Winter 2018

Model is wearing Perfectly Polished Lipstick.

Splashes of Color are the highlight of the season. 

Replacing the days of the “no-makeup, makeup look”, runways were reminiscent of spring shades in full bloom. Prisms of color dress up the eyes with bright graphic shadows to soft combinations of pastels. Eyes are finished off with colorful eyeliners and smoky, smudged browns.

Prolong your fresh-faced glowing summer skin with bronzed washes of color. The look is inspired by fresh, natural and healthy skin. Transform your sun-drenched skin with reflective bronzers, nude summer-like lips, bronze eyeshadows and a wash of color on the cheek. Fresh, dewy and shimmering skin can be achieved with a highlighter, bronzer, or choose a moisture-rich foundation to create a polished and flawless finish.

Model is wearing Wanna Dance? Lipstick.

Sweeping strokes of bronze tones, warm browns, coppers and peach are used to enhance the eye. Caramel and terracotta blushers are seen fanned just below the apple of the cheek creating a natural-looking finish while also adding contour.

Finish off your look with well-groomed brows. Brows give expression to your face and bring out your eyes. It’s one of the most important steps in makeup application and most won’t leave their homes without their brows. Our ever popular Sketch Sticks for Brows (Refillable and Refills) are “top” sellers at a great price.

Model is wearing Let’s Do Lunch Lipstick

Candy Apple Red lips remain on the scene while the bold, pigmented pout in hues of burgundy and browns are also a staple..

The eyes are lit up with soft strokes of very light shimmery shadow placed delicately in the inner corners of the eyes for a flirty fun surprise.

This season promises something for everyone from a hint of color to wearable hues, soft or bold lips and natural, healthy skin to a luminous holiday glow. Anything goes!

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The First Impression Study

Within five seconds of meeting someone, you make a "lasting" first impression... one that is very difficult and often impossible to change.

A Harvard study concluded that...

  • 55% of that "lasting first impression" is made up of appearance
  • another 38% is made up of how you sound
  • only 7% is made up of what you say

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Welcome to Colors for Success

Colors For Success®, established in 1989, was created to offer a "total image program" that assists individuals in dressing for success in their business and personal lives and, also, that assists individuals in decorating their homes and offices with a color concept that flows and enhances.

Our purpose is to have our clients... men, women, teens, pre-teens... feel more confident about choosing their best colors and styles in clothing and makeup, whether for their business lives and/or their casual lives. Also, our goal is to have clients save money at the same time by not adding clothing to their closets that doesn't work for them.

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