Achievements and Awards

Color Alliance Consultant Certification
Completion of Color Alliance Color Analysis Instruction, Seasonal Color Analysis, Artistic Makeup Application and Skin Care Therapy, Career Planning and Business Development, Beauty For All Seasons, June 1989.

Appointed Director for Corporate Marketing System
Beauty For All Seasons, December 1991.

Advanced Corrective Makeup Analyzation and Camouflage Techniques Certification
Nancy Ogden West, Professional Makeup Artist, July 1991.

Gold Medallion Award... Inner Circle
Beauty For All Seasons, May 1992.

Share Beauty Award
Beauty For All Seasons, January 1993.

Advanced Consultant Certification
Advanced Instruction in Photography Makeup Application, Skin Therapy, Hand and Nail Therapy, Signia™, Beauty For All Seasons, February 1993.

Regional Trainer Certification
Trainer for the Northeast Region of the US,
Beauty For All Seasons, March 1993 through July 2000.

1994 Certificate of Achievement Look Good...Feel Great!
Recognition for Personal Sales as Director, Beauty For All Seasons, January 1995.

1995 Certificate of Achievement Come Color with Us!
Recognition for Personal Sales Volume and Percentage Increase in Personal Sales as Director, Beauty For All Seasons, January 1996.

Advanced Signia™ Style Certification
Study and Testing in Areas of Psychology of Color, Line and Design and Face Shape Analysis, Beauty For All Seasons, May 1995.

Certificate of Achievement... 10-Year Achievement Award for Continued Growth and Customer Satisfaction, Beauty For All Seasons 1989-1999, January 1999.

Color Consultant Training Program
Registered Certified Color Consultant, Color Profiles, Ltd., August 2000.

Certified Custom Blend Expert in Custom Lipstick, Custom Blend Foundation, Custom Blend Mineral Powder, February 2004.