About Us

Colors For Success®, established in 1989, was created to offer a "total image program" that assists individuals in dressing for success in their business and personal lives and, also, that assists individuals in decorating their homes and offices with a color concept that flows and enhances.

Colors for Success StudioOur purpose is to have our clients...men, women, teens, pre-teens... feel more confident about choosing their best colors and styles in clothing and makeup, whether for their business lives and/or their casual lives. Also, our goal is to have clients save money at the same time by not adding clothing to their closets that doesn't work for them.

Success in this business evolved from having had my own personal colors done when it was a brand new concept and realizing that others could benefit, just as I have, by wearing and enjoying colors that make them feel good, make them look healthy, make them look confident, stretch their wardrobe, etc.

First came color...
In the 70's, when the color concept was new to many, the only tool available was a generic, four-season color palette; and now, we offer "custom" color fabric palettes based on the  individual's skin, hair and eye colors.

Then came style...
We can assist clients in choosing their best styles in clothing according to their body frame, size and shape. This would be done as a "private consultation" virtually in the privacy of your own home, on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. This is an invaluable program… worth the cost… especially when you think of how many articles of clothing you have hanging in your closet that were expensive mistakes… some still unworn and with their original tags still hanging from the garments.

We have offered and continue to offer our customized services to doctors, lawyers, nurses, technicians, teachers, retirees, at-home Moms, salespeople, students (middle school, high school, college), models, brides, photographers' clients, dressmakers, church groups, women's groups, etc., and interestingly enough, all age groups... no one is too young nor too old.

Colors for Success CosmeticsIn seeking out cosmetic and skin care products to offer my clients, much time and work has been given to testing results of these products on myself and also with the help of verbal surveys from clients who tried the products. The result is a private line of mineral cosmetics and skin care that are quality, custom and well-suited to many. Efforts in this area will continue, bringing new and innovative products to the line for valued and future clients.

Much time and effort has also been put into seeking out other items that pertain to image; i.e., customized, quality belts and buckles and new items on the forefront including jewelry by season based on your own personal coloring.

You never know what will come next; but you can be assured, it will be something special with much thought and investigation behind it.

You can be assured that exceptional customer service is what this business has been built on and what we will continue to offer.