The Blink Test

Everyone should make an investment in a full-length mirror.

Each day, take a moment to stand in front of your full-length mirror totally dressed, including your handbag or brief case, etc. Close your eyes tightly for the count of "five", then open them. What do you see first?

If you see your "whole image" with an attractive focal point, you are well dressed. If something is out of sync with what you are wearing, it will "scream" at you. The problem will be the first thing you see.

For women...

  • It may be the proportion created with the pieces you put together.
  • It may be the color of your hose or shoes.
  • It may be tattered shoes with scuffed heels or the wrong choice of shoes
  • It may be the colors you have combined together
  • It may be that your makeup doesn't match your clothes.
  • It may be accessories that are too large, too small or too many for your total look.
  • It could be your handbag or briefcase, etc.
  • Trust your eyes, and work on the area that bothers you most.

For men...

  • It may be a tie not ending at the right point.
  • It may be a tattered belt, scuffed and unpolished shoes
  • It may be a briefcase and wallet that have seen their day.
  • It may be slacks that rest at the wrong mid-point.
  • It may be slacks that are too short...too long, socks that do not coordinate with your slacks.
  • It may be  patterns in ties, shirts or sport jackets that are either too large or too small for your body frame, etc.
  • Trust your eyes, and work on the area that bothers you most.