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Ultimate Belt Solution as seen in In Style magazineThe Ultimate Belt Solution as seen in In Style magazine.


Belts are a key accessory, and now you can customize them. All of our belts are equipped with a Velcro closure that allows you to interchange buckles on a variety of straps - from bejeweled crystal ornaments to baroque hardware. And with different levels of adjustability, you can wear them at your natural waist or lower.


  • No more straps with holes that advertise the size you used to be
  • As your wardrobe changes simply move your favorite buckle to a fashionable new strap
  • Replace scratched and worn buckles whenever needed
  • Mix-and-match buckles and straps to update your look
  • Easily diversify outfits while traveling without over-packing

Straps are sized for your natural waist. If they are to be worn with dropped waist styles, please order a size larger:

  • Small (25-30 inches)
  • Medium (27-32 inches)
  • Large (29-34 inches)
  • XL (34-39 inches)

Buckles and straps are interchangeable within sizes noted (5/8" buckles fit 5/8" wide straps; 1 1/8" buckles fit 1 1/8" wide straps). Our belt buckles and belt straps are great basics you'll never want to be without!

Create endless fashion options as easily as changing out your jewelry:

Ultimate Belt Solution Instructions





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