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How does Colors For Success color palette differ from others?

We go beyond the four seasons of color and take into consideration the client's skin, hair and eyes as well as their personal style.

What products would you recommend for my skin condition?

We have compiled detailed information about common skin conditions & recommended regimens. If you need personalized recommendations, please feel free to contact us.

When should old makeup be discarded?

Here are the guidelines for tossing old makeup: 

  • Cream Blush: 12 months
  • Cream Bronzer: 12 months
  • Cream Eyeshadow: 12 months
  • Mineral Powder Blush: 18 months
  • Mineral Powder Bronzer: 18 months
  • Mineral Powder Eyeshadow: 18 months
  • Mineral Powder Foundation: 18 months
  • Mineral Translucent Powder: 18 months
  • Concealer: 12 months
  • Liquid Foundation: 12 months
  • Eyeliner: 12 months
  • Liquid Eyeliner: 6 months
  • Mascara: 4 months
  • Lipstick / Lip Gloss: 18 months
  • Lipliner: 1 year
Whenever you have an eye or lip infection, be sure to throw out your eye and lip makeup right away so you won't re-infect yourself. Also, never, ever share your makeup products and makeup application brushes.

Are your mineral cosmetics safe? Are they animal tested, or do they contain...

Colors For Success custom blended and ready-to-wear mineral cosmetics are of the finest quality. Our products are made from naturally-derived ingredients with a long history of safe use. Prior to our uses of them, many of our ingredients have already been thoroughly tested for safety and are present on the FDA's list of "generally recognized as safe" substances (the GRAS list).

Our minerals are talc-free, bismuth oxychloride-free, fragrance-free, dye-free and non-comedogenic. They provide long-lasting coverage with a lightweight, natural look and feel. Their exceptional adherence and crease resistance will keep makeup looking fresh all day.

Not Animal Tested SealOur products are not tested on animals. When it is necessary to test new ingredients, we utilize in-vitro (“in-glass") testing protocols, which have been, and continue to be, developed as alternatives to the standard animal models. In-vitro (“in-glass") means that tests are performed in a laboratory simulation and not on living subjects.

Paraben Free SealMineral cosmetics are also paraben-free. Parabens have been replaced with ingredients like grapefruit seed extract and Vitamin E in many cosmetics and essential oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and tea tree are being distilled and turned into natural preservatives.

Gluten Free SealOur minerals do not contain, nor are they manufactured with gluten (wheat, barley, rye, or oats).