Image Tips

A few critical style tips to remember:

  1. Always check the backs of your shoes to be sure the heels are not scuffed or tattered.  The same goes for your handbag, briefcase, wallet and belt. Leathers do show wear.  Now available in many shoe departments are "polished leather express shine sponges" which you can carry with you for quick fixes.
  2. Shoulder-strap handbags should not end at the widest part of your body if you are trying to camouflage that area.  If they do, then take them to your local cobbler and have the straps shortened.
  3. In past years, it was a rule that your handbag should match your shoes, but now the style allows your bag to be in a different color as long as it coordinates with your outfit.  In this case, you would want your shoes to match the bottom part of your outfit and then a different colored bag could be an accent.  Be careful not to get too many colors involved in this mix.
  4. Watch those neckties... Neckties should neither be above the belt line nor below the belt line.
  5. Always check in a mirror to be sure that you are wearing an appropriate shoe for the length of your slacks.
  6. Purge your handbag, briefcase and wallet, finding a new home for anything that is causing bulges.  This can be a daily task which would only take a few minutes or it could be a weekly ritual which could take about 10-15 minutes.
  7. Remember to keep perfumes, colognes and after shave scents to a minimum as less can be best.  And...remember that perfumes and colognes will smell differently on different individuals so find one that is subtle on your body...your signature scent.

Also, remember to take The Blink Test!