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Concealer, Disguise (Pot or Wand)

6g pot or 8g wand

"The undercover solution for skin perfection."

Creme Disguise Concealer (Pot):

Creamy, talc-free, Vitamin E enriched, full coverage Disguise Concealer puts everything undercover. This silky smooth, crease-proof camouflage is ideal for concealing under eye circles, blemishes, post surgical bruising and other skin conditions and works great as an eyeshadow base. This natural ingredient-based camouflage treats the skin as it conceals. Available in 8 shades with superior blendability.

Liquid Wise Disguise Concealer (Wand):

Lightweight, creamy, talc-free, Vitamin E infused, crease-proof liquid camouflage heals as it lightens dark areas, erases spots and evens out skin tone. Use alone, under foundation or over foundation to create flaw-free skin. Wise Disguise Concealer is formulated with Centipeda Cunninghamii Extract, a potent anti-inflammatory, cell renewal and healing agent with distinct sunscreen activity. Centipeda Cunninghamii is native to Australia and has been used by the Aborigines for burns, wounds, and skin infections.


PLEASE NOTE: Colors of pot concealers vs. wand concealers may some times have the same name but may differ slightly in color due to a different texture of product.