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Mystical Eyes

Outline top and bottom lids with Mink Sketch Stick or Lush Brown Luxury Liner, keeping close to the lashes … lightly soften lash line with the "sponge tip applicator".

NEW Chablis Eye Shadow onto the socket and blended up slightly onto the brow bone to create a background of color. Mystical Eye Shadow creates your frame of reference when applied with Socket to Me Brush through the crease of the eye and under the eye.


All Skin Types, Blue Eyes, Blue-Green Eyes, Green Eyes



Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Brown Eyes

dark brown


All Skin Types

4.5g compact


The ultimate eye prep for younger, smoother eyes. Create the perfect canvas for long-lasting, creaseproof eyeshadow.

SensationalEyes™ utilizes the latest technology developed with Hibiscus Esculentus Complex, the vegetal alternative to Botox™. This oligopeptide acts as a free radical scavenger and an anti-oxidant which helps protect skin from biological aging. SensationalEyes™ has powerful anti-wrinkle activity and has been proven in clinical trials to reduce wrinkles by 26% when applied daily for 3 weeks.

Sensitive Skin, Neutral

light pink brown with shimmer


Sensitive Skin, Neutral

light silver grey with shimmer



Stop painting your lashes... tube them!

This is the world's first mascara innovation to form tiny, water-resistant tubes around your lashes that stay on better than waterproof mascaras yet come off easily without the need for a makeup remover. This mascara is not an oil-based, paint unlike traditional mascara, which means it cannot smudge, run, clump or flake into your eyes. Because of its unique qualities, it feels much lighter on your lashes.

This mascara stays on until you are ready to take it off...even if you were to cry or rub your eyes. That is why Bride's Magazine ranked blinc™ Mascara as a "top-ten" mascara to wear for your wedding day. It is also great for swimmers. 

blinc™ Mascara has not been tested on animals.


  • no smudging, running, clumping or flaking
  • great for sensitive eyes and contact wearers
  • stays on better than waterproof mascaras
  • come off easily without makeup remover
  • lasts 2 to 3 times longer than traditional, oil-based paint mascaras
  • leaves no tint or residue on your lashes, so no bacteria build-up

To Apply:

Apply like a regular mascara; however, once it sets, tiny tubes will form around your lashes providing both volume and length. blinc™ Mascara does not penetrate your skin or your lashes, unlike other mascaras. 

To Remove:

blinc™ Mascara only requires a combination of water and slight pressure and the "tubes" will gently slide off your will actually see the tiny tubes in your hand or washcloth (does not stain). Upon removal, blinc™ Mascara leaves no tint on residue on your lashes that build up over time and does not build up bacteria as with other mascaras.


Presently available in Black and Dark Brown. Other colors available by special order: Blue (dark), Purple (dark) and Green (dark).

Eyeliner & Eyeshadow, Dry

round pointed crease

Sable round pointed crease. Use for detail shadow in crease of eye.