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Afterglow Aqua Illusion Aura Babydoll Bare Feet Beach Bisque Blush Blue Nile Brandy Brindle Candlelight Candy Apple Carnival Chamois Charcoal Cinnamon Clove Coffee Cool Blue Illusion Creamy Peach Daylight Dusk Forest Galaxy Geisha Golden Taupe Grey Illusion Gun Shy Holiday Ingot Jade Suede Lake Lime Illusion Linen Magic Mocha Latte Moonlight Mosaic Navy Oyster Peach Suede Pink Lemonade Plum Princess Rain Rose Silk Sable Smash Star Taupe Toffee Truffle Twilight Vanilla Violet Illusion Wheat Wine Wink
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Price in points: 2300 points
Reward points: 46 points


Made exclusively from micronized minerals. Concentrated loose Mineral Powders have natural-healing qualities and an exceptional silky texture. They are crease resistant and long lasting.

Minerals are:

  • talc-free
  • fragrance-free
  • dye-free
  • non-comedogenic


  • long-lasting coverage with a lightweight, natural look and feel
  • exceptional adherence
  • crease resistant and looks fresh all day
  • natural pigments easily adhere to the skin giving long-lasting, beautifying effects
  • forms a protective barrier on skin which allows the skin to breathe while promoting healing
  • natural, non-irritating sun protection from two key ingredients: micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
  • great for sensitive skin

Next best thing to "skin care"!

More Color Information:

ColorColor NotesSkin ToneMost Suitable Eye Color(s)
Afterglow medium blue with lavender undertone, shimmer cool  
Aqua Illusion green-blue with silver, shimmer neutral  
Aura grey-green with pink undertone, shimmer neutral  
Babydoll baby pink with pearl undertone, shimmer cool  
Bare Feet medium green with pearl shimmer, shimmer warm  
Beach light sand with gold flecks, shimmer neutral  
Bisque pale beige, matte neutral  
Blue Nile icy blue with pearl undertone, shimmer neutral  
Blush medium pink, matte cool  
Brandy medium brown with gold, shimmer warm  
Brindle light golden brown, shimmer warm  
Candlelight pale pink/rainbow flecks, shimmer
Can be used as highlighter and eyeshadow base.
Candy Apple peach with pink-gold, shimmer warm  
Carnival pale pink with light peach, shimmer neutral  
Chamois pale yellow, matte warm  
Charcoal medium grey, matte cool  
Cinnamon medium honey brown, matte warm  
Clove medium brown, matte warm  
Coffee medium brown, matte warm  
Cool Blue Illusion pale blue, shimmer cool  
Creamy Peach peach-pink, matte neutral  
Daylight soft gold/gold flecks, shimmer
Can be used as highlighter and eyeshadow base.
Dusk deep charcoal with silver-gold, shimmer warm  
Forest deep hazel green, matte neutral  
Galaxy grey charcoal, shimmer cool  
Geisha mint green with gold undertone, shimmer neutral  
Golden Taupe medium brown-gold, shimmer neutral  
Grey Illusion gray with multidimensional gold, shimmer neutral  
Gun Shy deep gunmetal grey, shimmer cool  
Holiday medium plum pink, shimmer cool  
Ingot pale gold, shimmer warm  
Jade Suede muted jade green, matte warm green, brown, blue
Lake blue with silver undertone, shimmer cool brown, blue, blue-green
Lime Illusion honeydew with gold undertone, shimmer cool  
Linen sandy beige with gold undertone, shimmer neutral  
Magic medium silver grey, shimmer cool  
Mocha Latte medium brown-grey, matte warm  
Moonlight pale beige/rainbow flecks, shimmer
Can be used as highlighter and eyeshadow base.
Mosaic warm pink-gold, shimmer neutral  
Navy deep steel blue, matte cool  
Oyster light taupe with silver, shimmer neutral  
Peach Suede muted peach, matte warm  
Pink Lemonade pink-peach, shimmer neutral  
Plum medium purple plum, matte cool  
Princess pale pink-gold, shimmer neutral  
Rain golden taupe-grey, shimmer cool  
Rose Silk muted rose, matte cool  
Sable deep brown with gold, shimmer warm  
Smash purple with silver, shimmer cool  
Star icy pearl white, shimmer cool  
Taupe medium taupe, matte neutral  
Toffee peachy tan, matte neutral  
Truffle taupe with golden pink, shimmer cool  
Twilight medium purple with glitter, shimmer cool  
Vanilla pale buttery yellow, matte cool Brown, blue, blue-green, green
Violet Illusion pale lavender with pearl, shimmer cool  
Wheat beige with hint of yellow, matte neutral  
Wine deep berry, matte cool  
Wink periwinkle, shimmer cool  
Skin Types:
  • All Skin Types
Skin Care Solutions:
  • Sensitive Skin
Cosmetic Brand / Type:
  • Mineral Powder

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