Deluxe Color Analysis and Custom Color Palette Based on Skin, Hair & Eyes (Now Virtual)

Save 10% on a one hour Makeup Application Lesson by purchasing these two sessions together. 


For Men, Women, Teens, Tweens

Great for all age groups!

Includes Two Sessions (see below)

Do you know which group of colors are best for you (see below)... cool, neutral, warm... those that enhance your personal coloring... your skin, your hair and your eyes?

Click here to read more about color analysis and Click here to take The Blink Test.


  • In-depth Color Analysis... goes beyond generic color palettes.
  • Color-By-Color matching.
  • Deluxe "fabric" palette.
  • Draping at first session includes over 200 drapes so you can see what your best colors do for you and why you won't want to wear the colors that do not enhance your personal coloring.
  • Includes your best metallic tones... jewelry tones, buckles, buttons, zippers, metallic fabrics, etc.
  • Goes beyond the generic four-season concept... totally custom.
  • Helps in determining the best color for your hair should you choose to or have the need to color your hair.
  • At second session, learn "how to use your color palette to your best advantage" and receive "Makeup Application Guide" to assist you in applying the best cosmetic colors based on your custom color analysis and custom color palette.
  • Receive your Deluxe Custom Color Palette --- 50 or more "custom" colors in perfect harmony for YOU... only those colors best suited to your personal coloring based on your skin, hair and eye colors.
  • Simplifies wardrobe shopping for men and women... no more costly mistakes... save time and money.
  • Helps organize clothing closet with clothing and accessories that enhance your personal coloring.
  • Simplifies choosing cosmetic colors.
  • Includes two sessions.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Great for the bride-to-be... to purchase the best "white" for her gown / dress and discover the best cosmetic colors to enhance her bridal photos.
  • Great for the new graduate who needs to establish a wardrobe for his / her new career to reflect his / her new look.
  • Great for those who are job-hunting... to project their "best first impression".
  • Great for those who just want to enhance their personal look...want to feel good about themselves.
  • Age is no barrier.




If time or distance is a problem, have your colors done virtually online. Contact us for more information.


I met Ursula in 1990 when I got my colors done and started using the makeup and skincare. My color palette really made a difference in the choices for my wardrobe. I have received numerous comments from other women about how great I look. I also did some wardrobe consultation with Ursula. This helped me choose the best styles for my body type. The makeup helped to bring out my best features in the most becoming colors for me personally. I have to say that I learned many things about ways to enhance my appearance and image. As a professional, I realized how important it was to project a certain image to establish my credibility in the business world. I am happy to say that this relationship has lasted all these years and we are also good friends.
I remember when I first received my "color palette" and wore the right colors to work. People thought I was going out that night because they commented on how good I looked.

This really works! I need to come back for some of the other services that I see listed now.
Ursula is an absolute pleasure! Not only is she clearly passionate about what she does, but she's darn good at it! It was so much fun being in her studio and learning about the way color can truly affect the way you come across. I remember being amazed when she put certain colors against my skin tone and realizing I had been making myself look blotchy every time I wore that color! Who knew! It is so much fun now taking out my color palette while I'm shopping and finding that perfect top in the perfect color. My mom is dying to get her colors done after seeing mine.

She was recommended to me by my boss and friend and I would absolutely recommend her to anybody else. There's no need to go walking around not looking your best. Ursula is so talented; you will truly be pleased with your result.
I'm still toting around my color palette! Bringing it to the bridal gown salon and everything. Love it!!
I just wanted to thank you for all your expertise! I don’t think I was too far off in my eye for colors, when I got home and looked in my closet I was happy to see that about 90% of my clothes were my colors! Now I just have to organize them the way you said.
I received my palette today and it is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are perfect! I finally feel that I will be totally confident in purchasing clothes with this collection of colors. Thanks for taking the time to make my palette perfect."
Thank you for your help and advice with my color analysis. My colors and portfolio have given me the confidence to look and feel my best. Creating the message I want to send is easy, the charts are simple to use. It's also easier to shop for clothes, my colors fit right in my pocket. I've told all my friends they should have their colors done. I'm glad I did. Thanks again.
Thanks again for your analysis...I'm sure the advice I received regarding colors and clothing will be a big help in my search for a job. No more black, white or red for me.
Having my colors done has made clothes shopping easier. Spending less time and money. When someone says "you look great", you know that it's because you are wearing the colors that are the most flattering to you. My portfolio has helped me as a guide when I am not sure of a certain style. I am glad that I had my colors done, because some days when I don't feel at my best--I still look my best.
Thank you for the color analysis. I look fabulous!!!! Really...I'm using that new foundation and lipstick and I can't believe how much better it looks. And to think I thought I knew everything!!!.
I can honestly say that I've had my mind on it ever since. Boy does it make you aware of your colors!! Every morning I wake up and wonder "what good-looking blouse does my closet hold for me today?" Ah, it has made such a difference. Anyway, I look forward to our next encounter. It will be nice to have the custom color palette for spring shopping. Warm regards
I LOVE my palette!!!!!!
I ended up getting a nice raincoat in black, then adding a fun matching scarf and umbrella in a shade somewhere between lilac and plum....I love it!!!! I can wear the black with anything and the purple is a fun punch of color on a rainy day! I gave my sister my old khaki trench, along with all of my green & yellow sweaters that I used to love and now can't stand to see next to my skin! My "safe but boring" black & white combos are now worn as my bold signature! I even bought all new makeup in pinks and purples (which I NEVER wore) and had my hair cut shorter in a trendy do. My eyes are so GREEN & my skin looks like porcelain! My husband says I look better and younger than when we first met! I never would have thought colors could change my life!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!
Gratefully yours...
The outfit I bought for the wedding I went to worked out great. It was the first outfit I purchased after my color analysis and several people said the color looked great on me. I am looking forward to shopping some more with my color swatches.
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Please note : Colors can appear slightly differently online than in person. We make every effort to ensure product photos show colors as accurately as possible, but please be aware there can be slight variations.